Vision statements for church

I have been thinking a lot about mission and vision statments lately. This is because I have been at our church for over a year and we are fast approaching a new year and it is time to refocus out efforts.

In part of my research I found the following information about a church to wrote a bold vision statement when it had only 7 people. Now years later the church resembles the vision they set out with.


Remember, this is your vision, it’s the way God sees you. If your vision is small, your church will be small. If you think God’s view of your purpose is small, you’ve been deceived. That’s why you need to dream big. Your vision statement needs to be bold enough that you never finish fulfilling it, while also being realistic enough to let you see progress and not become discouraged.

A good example of this principle is my home church’s vision statement: “We see the Life Church as a dynamic, spirit-filled, multi-cultural church, numbering in the thousands, impacting our city, our nation and our world through leadership development and church planting.” These are bold statements. In fact, their boldness is often a point of humor because these words were written when there were only 7 people in service, all of which were white. But, it gave the church something to shoot for. It told new members what to expect, and when the first non-white family showed up, everyone in the church welcomed them with open arms. They had been praying for diversity and the bold vision prepared them to succeed. Now, the church has grown into the thousands and the racial make up in the church almost exactly matches the racial make up in the city around it. But, the vision is still large enough that no one can sit back and say, “We’re done, nothing left to do.” When you dream big, you will always have room to grow.

I really love that the church mentioned became like the original vision statement. It was very bold to say “in the thousands” when they only had seven people, but if your vision is inspired and empowered by God, then it is just a matter of time.

One important thing I think about vision is it helps you to keep focussed when the temptaion to settle for good enough kicks in. When this kicks in, it is easy to go into autopilot and forget about growth and your mission.

The last thing I want to do is forget about the mission God has for us. It is just too important to settle for less.

God Bless,


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Encouraged and discouraged at the same time

I went to a great event last Sunday. We had our 5th Sunday combined wheatbelt Churches of Christ service. This happens every time there is a 5th Sunday in the month.

We take turns in hosting the event. Church members come from Merredin, Bruce Rock, Mukinbudin, Corrigin, Narembean, and Dowerin all attend.

The great thing about this is it allows us all to get together and hear about what is happening in each others churches and we have a great time of joint worship, teaching and fellowship.

This last weekend it was in Mukinbudin. The church in Muka is normal 50-7o people on a Sunday, but it swelled to just under 200. This is a big gathering in our smaller country towns.

I was encouraged by the great worship and a great sermon from a guest speaker. I was also encouraged by what was happening in the other churches.

However, I also felt discouraged the next day. To see that many people worshipping God in one church left me wanting more. More people in each of the churches.

We have got a great message of hope and salvation in Christ. A great message of abundant life that is being missed by many of the people in the wheatbelt.

My heart breaks to think many people do not hear about God’s love for them and they don’t take the step of trusting Christ for their salvation. It breaks my heart to think many will miss out on salvation.

But rather than let this discouragement lead to dispair, I am going to use it to fuel me to reach more people for Christ. Not only do we need more people in our churches, we need more people living in God’s Kingdom. 

This starts with you and I telling people about the love and saving message of Christ. People need to hear that God loves them, that Jesus came and died for their sin, and that salvation, forgiveness and new life is found in Jesus.

Will you join me?

God Bless,


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Discipline is generally not fun. Whether it is being disciplined in your health and fitness or in your everyday life. It is usually painful.

In the above verse it talks about discipline is the full sense of the word. The Greek word used here is paideia. It means discipline in the form of education, training, tutoring, disciplinary correction, chastisement and nuture.

For us as Christians to be all we can be for Christ it takes discipline. The positive meaning of education, training and tutoring and also the perceived negative aspects of disciplinary correction and chastisement.

At the time discipline is hard and often uncomfortable, but in the long run it always pays off. As Hebrews 12:11 says it bring a harvest of righteousness and peace for those trained by it.

I want a harvest of righteousness and peace. So I have to be disciplined and do the things God wants me to do. I also have to do the things that I know help me to live a disciplined life.

How about you? Do you want a harvest of righteousness and peace? It takes discipline – both the education side and the correction side.

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Simple morning devotionals

I do my main devotions of Bible reading, prayer and a devotional reading first thing in the morning. 

Because of this I like simple thoughts. I like something with a verse or two, a short thought and a prayer. This just gives me something to reflect on and start my day.

One I am doing at the moment is the 21 day “Lead like Jesus” on the Bible app (or A friend from church was doing it and it sounded good.

There are lots of other short devotional readings on the Bible app. There are also some deeper ones there too, but I leave those for a bit later in the day… when I am more awake!

If you are interest the Bible app is available on both the Apple and Good stores.

God bless,


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Jesus is the greatest superhero

I just saw this t-shirt on Facebook. I love watching DC and Marvel tv shows and movies, but to me Jesus is the greatest superhero of them all! 

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A prayer to see and help

This is a prayer from a Bible reading and devotional I am doing at the moment. I thought I would share it…

Prayer: Jesus, help me to see people through Your eyes today. Help me to interact with them at the level of their need. Help me to provide the guidance and encouragement they need. Help me to be a good shepherd of those within my care. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Sermon: Being content in Christ, His strength and His provision

Here is the link to my sermon today. It came from Philippians 4 and was titled, “Being content in Christ, His strength and His provision”.

The main points were…

1. Get on well and work well with each other

2. Don’t worry, pray and give it to God

3. Focus on what is good and put God’s Word into practice

4. Be content with where God has you

You can find the link to it here. Unfortunately there is no audio today.

God Bless,


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